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Owning a restaurant is a juggling act. As an owner, you oversee staff, inventory, customer service, and most importantly, profitability. Your number of daily tasks can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. 

Luckily, point of sale (POS) systems are helping move restaurants forward like no machinery has before. As technology continues to evolve, POS software becomes more useful and specific to the industry it’s serving. With these changes, you may need to seek MICROS support to ensure you’re functioning at full capacity and efficiency. 

Here are a few reasons you should consider a MICROS POS system for your restaurant.  

Transaction Tracking 

The high volume of cash and credit card transactions that pass through a restaurant leaves the business at high risk of accidental (or intentional) missteps. A POS system will track every dime of your sales and greatly reduce employee error. 

Additionally, many systems act as the credit card processor, making the process more secure for the business and its customers. The system also allows for a password function so only managers can alter checks. The password stops employees from being able to manipulate checks and steal from the business. 

A More Efficient Kitchen 

Kitchen efficiency is a crucial factor in ensuring a good experience for the customer. The more quickly and concisely a server can send a customer’s order to the kitchen, the better the restaurant will function. 

A POS system will decrease ticket times and errors by simplifying communication between the kitchen and the wait staff. The computer sends the orders directly from the computer to printers located in the kitchen. Many systems also allow for custom messages that cut back on the need for vocal communication in a noisy restaurant environment 

Profitability and Business Decisions 

At the end of the day, keeping the lights on and paying your employees is one of your main priorities. A POS system can greatly improve your business profitability and help you make better informed business decisions. Acting as a time clock, restaurant systems will print out reports, which cuts the time you spend sifting through payroll. 

A restaurant POS can also give you a detailed account of what food is used the most in the kitchen and the most popular menu dishes. This function can assist you in inventory tracking and knowing which items you should promote. 

A Reliable Partner 

If you’re ready to reduce loss, increase efficiency, and make your restaurant more profitable, it is time to find a partner to implement a system in your business. When choosing a partner, do your research, and find one that you can trust. 

Postec has been a proven, reliable partner in providing effective POS technology solutions for thirty years. We are constantly progressing with new technologies to help you continue improving your business. Find the right system for your restaurant by contacting us today! 

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