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A functioning POS system is critical to your business’ success. Delayed income can temporarily close your doors, leading to lost revenue and a tarnished reputation. As with any modern technology, your POS platform will face some technical difficulties, some of which are easily preventable and fixable.  

If you’ve taken all necessary preventive steps, and you’re still having mishaps, it might be time to call a specialist for MICROS support 

Here are three solutions to common issues you might face with POS system.  

Reducing Power Outages 

Your business requires an immense amount of power, from your HVAC unit to your commercial refrigerators. With so much power surging at once, you’re bound to blow a fuse that will cause your POS system to unexpectedly power off. During a thunderstorm, in the rare chance your building gets struck by lightning, you could lose all the data stored in your POS device.  

To reduce this risk, purchase a POS-specific power protection device. With just one piece of hardware, you can prevent high-voltage power spikes and protect your assets during storms.  

Even better, use an iPad or mobile POS system that run on a rechargeable battery rather than a power source. As long as they’re disconnected from power, they’re not at risk for suffering from an outage.  

Fixing Slow Software Problems 

If you’ve ever experienced a slow operating system, you know how frustrating it can be to complete even the simplest tasks. POS software that isn’t unique to your industry will cause the behind-the-scenes algorithms to run slower than you need. As a result, your customers’ experience and staff’s attitude are negatively affected.  

Take time to research POS systems that are specifically made to accommodate your industry’s needs. Although an “off-the-shelf” system will get the job done and will be less expensive, it can easily slow down the checkout step. Unfortunately, they’ll cost you more in the long run with all the maintenance requests you’ll require.  

Improving Mobile Compatibility  

A successful business doesn’t require constant supervision, but it does require quick, easy access to sales insights. If a POS system isn’t compatible with a mobile device, those who need it won’t have access to sales data when they’re away from work.  

You won’t regret investing in a quality POS platform that is accessible via a mobile app. Without this convenience, you’re inhibiting the ability to keep an eye on your business. Updating to a modern POS system that’s mobile friendly will lead to more informed decisions. 

No matter how modern your POS system, technology snags are bound to happen. When it’s time for you to seek MICROS support, contact Postec. We’ve been in the point-of-sale industry since the cash register era. With more than thirty years of experience, we’re ready to be your reliable POS partner.  

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