View from a video surveillance camera above a cafe

Dunkin’ Donuts used employee surveillance to cut thefts by up to 13 percent. Indeed, the very sight of a camera behind a cashier can prevent a lot of bad behavior. That said, bad behavior still occurs from time to time and business owners may not always know exactly when it took place.

Herein lies the problem with some surveillance systems: no business owner has time to sift through hours of surveillance video to find the exact moment that a theft or fraud took place.

One way to alleviate the problem is to have the point of sale system integrated with the surveillance system. With the two systems working together, business owners can receive alerts when the point of sale software identifies an unusual transaction and the surveillance video can be cued up to that moment so that the business owners can review what took place.

Here are some other reasons for integrating a surveillance video system in your business:

Prevent Fraud
This is the first thing business owners think about when installing a surveillance system. Today’s camera technology offers an affordable solution with high-end technology. Many solutions are using IP (Internet Protocol) cameras that offer crystal clear video to help identify faces and other items.

The key is to make sure the cameras are placed strategically throughout the store or restaurant to ensure they see anything that may need to be recorded. This includes behind the point of sale stations but also think about installing cameras in your parking lot, in hallways and even in the kitchen.

Identify the Cause of Long Linesvideo surveillance camera
Besides preventing fraud, surveillance video can help diagnose operational problems at your business. If you’re not on location at the business, the point-of-sale data can provide valuable insights on your busiest times. But, the surveillance video can provide additional clues for why more customers are not being checked out quickly. Perhaps an employee had trouble with a tricky transaction and it caused the line to grow. Or, maybe there were not enough employees working at the cash registers. What were they doing instead? Well, you can check the video footage to find out.

Observe Your Business Remotely
If you have multiple locations, it’s difficult to keep tabs on them without calling or driving to each spot. Surveillance video can serve as your eyes when you’re not in the business physically. Logging in and watching the business while you’re not there may feel a little like Big Brother but the business can benefit in many ways when you observe from far away. Firstly, you can see how the business runs when you are not there. You can watch out for employee theft. And, you can see if there are any operational improvements that can boost sales. For instance, you may observe an employee helping a customer who would have been a good target for an upsell opportunity. If the employee doesn’t execute the upsell properly, they may need to receive some additional training to fix the problem.

Want to learn more benefits of video surveillance in your business? Contact us for a video surveillance demo today.

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