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How McDonald’s is Using AI To Better Serve Customers

McDonald's will pay $300 million to acquire the Israeli digital startup, Dynamic Yield Ltd. It is McDonald’s first acquisition in years and its largest one in at least two decades. “Welcome to McDonald’s. May AI help you?” No, you probably won’t ever hear those words...

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Time To Hire Your First Employee? Here’s What To Consider

Congrats! You've taken the big leap in starting a business. Now, it's time to hire your first employee. Here's what to keep in mind. Congratulations are in order. Growing a business to the point of having to hire employees is an accomplishment. But you probably have a...

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How to Make Filing Your Business Taxes Less Stressful

Following these tips could make tax time less stressful. Prerequisite disclaimer: nothing in this article should be considered tax advice. Please consult a CPA or tax professional before making any tax decisions. What’s the most stressful time of the year for you as a...

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Being A Female Entrepreneur: The Challenges and Advantages

The rate of female entrepreneurship is on the rise as more women feel empowered than in years past to start a business. However, hurdles such as contract negotiations remain a barrier to entry. The good news about being a female entrepreneur is that most of the...

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