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How Grocery Stores Can Use Loyalty Programs

While it’s not a grocery store, Starbucks shares some characteristics of a food distributor. Customers can purchase items in bulk, they often make regular trips to their favorite location and they can use a loyalty program to qualify for free or discounted products....

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How To Recruit Better Employees

There are few capital improvements that are more important than your human capital. Indeed, the employees that make up the bulk of retail and restaurant operations need to be top notch because they're the ones interacting and helping your customers. So when you're...

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How Kiosks Change Customer Behavior — For The Better

Wondering why so many restaurants are introducing self-service kiosks, tablets and other technology? An interesting trend has occurred over the last several years: several large entities in the food industry have introduced apps, kiosks and other self-service...

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How Secure is Your Self-Checkout Line?

On one hand, a self checkout line can benefit grocery stores because it doesn’t require a salaried employee and it can theoretically keep shoppers moving through to the exit faster. On the other hand, the self checkout may entice some otherwise-honest shoppers to...

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