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MobileBytes iPad POS: New Updates!

May 30, 2017 MobileBytes Releases Next Gen Online Ordering Technology MobileBytes  released its next generation software update for online ordering. The latest update, top picture, includes the ability to easily create specials and promotions for online orders. In...

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City of Atlanta & Fulton Co. Sales Tax Increase

Get ready:  the amount of sales tax you'll owe is changing if you are in Atlanta and/or Fulton County. If you are in the City of Atlanta and in Fulton Co, you have two tax increases coming - one on March 1, the second on April 1. Be sure to change it in your point of...

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Words of Wisdom from Postec’s President

In 2015, Postec President Mike Seymour became Chairperson of the RSPA. He gave a great speech that is good advice for anyone in any business. The key to success is adaptability, whether that means cutting losses, changing directions, embracing evolving technology or...

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