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If I knew somebody who wanted to put in a POS system, from the ground up or just needed to modify what they were working with – adding on a feature or changing back office, the first and only choice I would suggest to them is Postec simply because there’s nobody in the industry that I have dealt with in my 30 years who has ever given the level of service and given the relationship that Postec offers.

Scott Lewis

President, Director of Operations, Rockdale Grocery

Maximize your revenue by managing your store on one system.

Postec partners with the top brands in grocery technology.
Toshiba SurePOS ACE
Index Fastest EMV
LOC Store Management Suite
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Toshiba SurePOS ACE

For 30 years, Postec has selected the best POS solutions available to offer our customers.  For retail, drug store, grocery POS (point of sale), the Toshiba SurePOS™ ACE  application has a strong heritage of delivering the best possible checkout experience.  SurePOS ACE was one of the first POS applications to offer high volume scanning and electronic marketing, among other checkout innovations.

Today, Toshiba SurePOS ACE continues the tradition of innovation and staying ahead of the curve with more advanced features that speed checkout, reduce costs and help drive new revenue. For you that means satisfying your customers, streamlining processes and generating more sales.

LOC Software

LOC Software has been supplying retailers with LOC Store Management Suite for over 15 years. The latest generation of products was designed from the top down to allow total store control in multiple environments. LOC Software ensures its customers that the investment they are making today will be a wise and enduring one by adapting the latest technology, providing high standards and offering an open solution. LOC Store Management Suite (SMS) delivers retail management tools designed for food store merchants. The application suite is designed for single or multi-store chain environments, and includes fully integrated modules like: point of sale, inventory control, loyalty programs and more. Putting technology to work in food stores has never been easier. Now one seamless suite of applications can manage the seemingly endless sea of industry acronyms and jargon. From DSD, GS1, PCI, and WIC to digital signage, mobile POS, price optimization, and self-checkout, LOC’s tools protect investments today and prepare merchants for tomorrow. The features merchants expect are built in. The true magic behind SMS is the seamless integration of features others only dream of.

Fresh Item Management

Fresh – Trax Digital Ground Beef Recordkeeper

Postec has partnered with Invatron to create a simple, automated Grind Law solution. Now, you can digitally record all activities relating to ground beef production to be compliant with USDA Recordkeeping regulations. It runs on existing handheld scanners, is 100% cloud-based and has no server requirements.

Fresh – Trax was designed to seamlessly integrate with a supermarket’s existing store operations and processes.

Read more about the USDA’s regulation here.


One Second EMV Transactions

Index Fastest EMV

Index – One Second EMV

Postec has partnered with Index to give you the fastest EMV experience in the US. Customers can dip anytime and remove their card in just one second. This new EMV (chip card) solution — built through a combination of technical innovation, product design and a deep understanding of retail environments — delivers speed, simplicity and security so your checkout can have it all.

10x faster than traditional EMV, 15% faster line speed in-store.

Your needs, your budget, our expertise.

Postec’s Grocery POS customers are in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.  We serve both multi-chain locations and independents.

We work hard to give you a superior POS experience with the best solution to drive your bottom line.

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